The light of certainty

Profitable crushing is about what you know, and SanRemo for Crushers is all about certainty.
In fact, it gives you three kinds of certainty.

Output certainty

With SanRemo for Crushers, you can always be sure of having the optimal crusher settings for the production task at hand. The Closed Side Setting (CSS) is always exactly right and the system compensates for hardness or moisture of material.

You can create and switch between programs that give the optimal settings for different fractions and materials. By combining CSS profiles, you can control the mixture of fractions delivered with high precision.

Calculate the benefits for yourself

If your CSS is out by even just a millimetre, you could be losing substantial revenue over a year. And the more crushers you have, the more it adds up! Use this calculation tool to get an idea of how your CSS is affecting your output and profit levels.

Point zero represents the optimal gap. Drag the slider to increase or decrease the gap by up to 5 mm.

Here you see how the proportions of different fractions change as the CSS changes, and the impact on throughput and profit.

Product (mm) 0-2 2-5 5-8 8-11 11-16 16-22 +22
Percent 13,5 12,0 12,6 13,3 21,9 19,8 6.8
MTPH 26 23 24 26 43 38 13

Calculate profit

Sales Price/MT
Production hours/year
Impact on

Business certainty

With SanRemo for Crushers, you know exactly how well your equipment is being utilized - running hours, empty running, standstills, energy consumption. So you can make adjustments to increase efficiency and return on investment.

Cost per tonne becomes much more predictable when you can accurately forecast wear parts needed and energy consumption in relation to production volumes. Planning for maintenance and staffing become easier.

Uptime certainty

Planning is the key to keeping your machines running at full capacity. With SanRemo for Crushers, you can see exactly how the machine is running, enabling you to eliminate non-optimal conditions that might cause uneven wear or mechanical damage.

You always know the exact status of the mantle and other wear parts, so you can schedule maintenance to fit in with production demands, ensuring minimal disturbance to operations. This level of predictability also simplifies stockholding.

Uptime certainty with SanRemo for crushers