Crushing the manganese myth


Choosing the right alloy for your parts is just like buying a pair of reading glasses – stronger isn’t necessarily better! When it comes to manganese alloy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every job has unique demands. The first step is to crush long-held false beliefs with the light of some straightforward objective truths.

The myth about manganese alloy started somewhere in the 1980’s, when 18 % manganese alloy became the ‘be all and end all’ for crushing chambers. It was a convenient myth to uphold, as it simplified the sales process and helped sales. The myth of the optimum percentage rapidly spread across our industry. But quality means finding the right solution for your needs. And that means taking a good look at the big picture. Here are 4 aspects of the manganese myth we’d like to crush!

Mind over matter

We want to help you make sound evidence based business decisions. To help you rethink and discuss your needs we have a few simple ‘rule of thumb’ facts to consider. Our ambition at Sandvik is to help make your process as easy as possible, but also as relevant as possible - to produce the very best results. When you buy a Sandvik solution, you are investing in significant, measurable, long-term returns. There are no shortcuts to this kind of success. You need to take a holistic approach.

At least 7o % of issues are elsewhere

Manganese steel provides very good properties for crusher wear parts, but it is important to choose the right manganese for the job. If there is wear there is also work hardening. But there is no evidence at all that wear can be quicker than work hardening. In fact, there are many other parameters other than alloy that influence wear and tear.

We know that poor feeding conditions are 70 % of the effect on a crushing chamber’s lifespan. Other common mistakes include using the wrong crushing chamber, or using the wrong profile settings with the correct equipment. Choosing the right alloy is a very important aspect for saving money and downtime, but it is not the only parameter that needs careful consideration.

Crushing the manganese myth

Choosing the right alloy for your wear parts.

Crushing the manganese myth (PDF document, 3 MB)


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